On-Site Document Shredding in Georgia - Protect Against Identity Theft

Posted by techsupport on Oct 26 2011

On-site document shredding in Georgia is a critical data management strategy to protect against identity theft.  On Monday this week, news organizations reported on a breach of patient records at Emory University Medical Center.  You can read about the breach here.   It appears an employee printed out over three thousand billing records for patients at the orthopedic clinic at the medical center and those records had significant amounts of sensitive personal information on them.  Some of them were later used to fraudulently create fake identities for people, and investigators have arrested a woman in connection with the crime.

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On-Site Shredding Services in Columbus - Training Your Employees Cont.

Posted by techsupport on Sep 28 2011

As we've said before, on-site shredding services in Columbus are only as good as the training for the employees who utilize it.  You can have the best shredding services company in the world with a great staff and the latest technology, but if you haven't trained your employees properly in regards to your on-site shredding services in Columbus, the value of those services will be largely minimized.

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Shredding Companies in Georgia – Looking at Their Hiring Practices

Posted by techsupport on Jul 30 2011

shredding companies GeorgiaWe covered this briefly a few months ago, but we’ve had a lot of new followers start tracking our blog.  So, I want to come back to something and go into a bit more depth this time.  As you evaluate shredding companies in Georgia, you need to make sure you are looking at their hiring practices and that they have a thorough employee screening process in place.

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