Hard drive destruction in Columbus – Electronics and Data Security

Posted by techsupport on Oct 10 2011

As you build your data management program, be sure to include hard drive destruction in Columbus as an essential piece of your planning.  Here’s why… Take a look around your office, chances are you are surrounded by electronics.  Computers, laptops, digital scanners, copiers, fax machines and now tablets, iPads and PEDs are all around us in the workplace today and, although they allow us to conduct our business more efficiently and effectively, they now expose our data to more vulnerabilities, especially when they are disposed of.

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On-Site Shredding Services in Columbus - Training Your Employees Cont.

Posted by techsupport on Sep 28 2011

As we've said before, on-site shredding services in Columbus are only as good as the training for the employees who utilize it.  You can have the best shredding services company in the world with a great staff and the latest technology, but if you haven't trained your employees properly in regards to your on-site shredding services in Columbus, the value of those services will be largely minimized.

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Mobile Shredding Services in Columbus

Posted by techsupport on Sep 15 2011

Now that Summer is officially over and we're back to the day to day grind, I want to circle back and take another look at mobile shredding services in Columbus.  In particular, I want to focus on how mobile shredding services in Columbus, GA can fit in with your business' overall document management strategy.

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