Benefits of Using Local Document Destruction Services

Posted by John Barwick on Dec 06 2019

There are a number of benefits when using local document destruction services. As a commercial or home-based operation, creating a secure environment where documents can be shredded without worry can be problematic, especially if the documents are being transported to another location. With home shredding services available, it is easy to monitor the shredding process to ensure everything is above board and has no loose ends. When searching for these types of services, utilizing keywords like shredding services near me, and document destruction near me will pull up business specializing in document shredding that are close to your facility. For those who must transport their documents to be shredded, having a local company do the work where a relationship can be built is better than mailing documents and not really knowing whether they have been properly destroyed.

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On-Site Document Shredding in Georgia - Protect Against Identity Theft

Posted by techsupport on Oct 26 2011

On-site document shredding in Georgia is a critical data management strategy to protect against identity theft.  On Monday this week, news organizations reported on a breach of patient records at Emory University Medical Center.  You can read about the breach here.   It appears an employee printed out over three thousand billing records for patients at the orthopedic clinic at the medical center and those records had significant amounts of sensitive personal information on them.  Some of them were later used to fraudulently create fake identities for people, and investigators have arrested a woman in connection with the crime.

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