Top 5 Reasons to Scan Your Documents

Posted by John Barwick on Dec 15 2020

One of the most effective ways to prevent identity theft is to shred any documents that have identifying information on them – even if it’s just an address. You can take that two steps further by scanning documents as you receive them, then putting the documents in a locked shred box for safekeeping until we can come to pick them up.

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Find the Hidden Relationships With Document Scanning in Columbus

Posted by techsupport on Oct 24 2011

Across the country many businesses, organizations and government entities are digitizing their paper records with document scanning and imaging.  In Columbus, the trend is no different as businesses try to capitalize on this effective new data management service.  Document scanning in Columbus is done for many reasons - some companies want to cut down on their storage needs and costs and document scanning is a great way to accomplish that.  Other businesses which tend to use old data frequently are using document scanning in Columbus to decrease search times and increase search capabilities throughout their old document records.

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