Time to Declutter: End of Year Purges

Posted by John Barwick on Nov 30 2020

Making sure you have yourself on a decluttering schedule is important if you’re big on getting things purged by the end of the year. While most people don’t even consider document destruction as a declutter home tactic, it makes a difference. If you have a lot of paperwork at home and don’t want to go out to a facility or don’t have the capacity to shred it all on your own, a mobile shredding service may be just the thing for you.

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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

Posted by John Barwick on Oct 30 2020

A Certificate of Destruction certifies in writing that your documents were destroyed in compliance with the laws that apply in your state or industry. Certificates of destruction can be especially helpful when: 

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Creating a Shred Policy for Your Business

Posted by John Barwick on Oct 16 2020

It’s easy for shredding to take a back burner to other organizational initiatives, but it’s critical to develop policies, procedures, and practices that support organizational and client security. Proprietary business information and confidential client information – like credit card numbers and social security numbers – leave organizations every day in the form of paper waste. This information can quickly land in the hands of ill-willed criminals, looking to steal priority information or compromise the security of your clients by hacking into their bank accounts or stealing their identity.  A carefully considered document destruction policy can help you mitigate risk, protect your assets, and provide your clients with the privacy the expect and deserve from your organization. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

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On-Line Backup in Columbus - A Great Way To Keep Your Information

Posted by techsupport on Sep 21 2011

We've spent tons of time talking about how we can keep your data safe - shredding, storage, etc., but today we're going to take a minute to discuss the major benefits of on-line backup in Columbus.

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