How to Protect Your Businesses Data with Document Destruction

Posted by John Barwick on Feb 26 2020

All businesses have confidential data, whether it’s just the contact information and business model of a sole employer or a large business with many employees. Every business also has customers, and that data might include contact information, social security numbers – depending on the type of business and financial information. Lawyers and medical professionals have even more personal information. Businesses need to protect all of this information during the time they are required to keep the information and when they are permitted to destroy files. When employees destroy documents, you are not keeping confidential information safe. Instead, professional document destruction by River Mill Data Management ensures that your documents are safe from prying eyes.

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Use a 100% Shred Policy When Using On-Site Shredding Services in Columbus

Posted by techsupport on Jan 23 2012

Sometimes, even when you've made terrific data management policies that incorporate services, such as on-site shredding services in Columbus, sensitive documents can still end up in the trash, un-shredded.  This can be a big problem, exposing your company to increased liability or threats from competitors, angling for an unfair advantage in the marketplace.  Even though you may have trained your staff well, no one is perfect and items can be incorrectly sorted and end up in the trash bin instead of the shredding bin.  One of the ways to mitigate that type of risk is by instituting a 100% shredding policy at your business.

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