On-Site Document Shredding in Georgia - Protect Against Identity Theft

Oct 26 2011 | techsupport

On-site document shredding in Georgia is a critical data management strategy to protect against identity theft.  On Monday this week, news organizations reported on a breach of patient records at Emory University Medical Center.  You can read about the breach here.   It appears an employee printed out over three thousand billing records for patients at the orthopedic clinic at the medical center and those records had significant amounts of sensitive personal information on them.  Some of them were later used to fraudulently create fake identities for people, and investigators have arrested a woman in connection with the crime.

on-site document shredding Georgia

This event serves to illustrate how identity theft criminals target health care institutions and how important it is to utilize data management services such as on-site document shredding in Georgia to protect against identity theft.  Now, in this particular incident,  on-site document shredding in GA may have done little to prevent the crime since an individual working at the medical center apparently printed out patient bills with the sole purpose of passing them off to someone who planned to steal people's identities.  It's easy to see, however, that if health care institutions are not careful, however, sensitive documents, such as billing records, thrown into the trash without being shredded can pose tremendous risks to patients.

On-site document shredding in Georgia is not a panacea and it can't protect against all types of identity crimes, but it is an essential piece of any serious data management program.

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