Mobile Shredding Services in Columbus - Scheduled Service vs. As Needed

Jan 09 2012 | techsupport

As you review your data management program in 2012, one of the main pieces of your program should be mobile shredding services in Columbus.  With mobile shredding services in Columbus, you can ensure that all of your sensitive and confidential information is destroyed appropriately and that you are staying in compliance with all applicable privacy laws and federal regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

mobile shredding services Columbus

One of the main considerations with mobile shredding services in Columbus, however, is whether you should have regularly scheduled services or service on an as-needed basis.  There are benefits to both.  With scheduled service you never have to worry about remembering to call the mobile shredding services company.  They will come on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, collect all of your document waste and destroy it for you on-site.  This type of service is best if you have a predictable flow of document waste and generally produce a consistent amount.  With service on an as-needed basis, the mobile shredding services company will come only when you request service.  This puts the onus of responsibility on the client for when to call the mobile shredding services company in Columbus, but may allow for more flexibility if you have a less predictable document waste flow.

Another option to consider with mobile shredding services in Columbus is that you use a combination of regularly scheduled service and services on an as-needed basis.  Use what fits your company best.



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