How to Protect Your Businesses Data with Document Destruction

Posted by John Barwick on Feb 26 2020

All businesses have confidential data, whether it’s just the contact information and business model of a sole employer or a large business with many employees. Every business also has customers, and that data might include contact information, social security numbers – depending on the type of business and financial information. Lawyers and medical professionals have even more personal information. Businesses need to protect all of this information during the time they are required to keep the information and when they are permitted to destroy files. When employees destroy documents, you are not keeping confidential information safe. Instead, professional document destruction by River Mill Data Management ensures that your documents are safe from prying eyes.

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Benefits of Off-site Document Storage

Posted by John Barwick on Feb 12 2020

Keeping documents in your office could lead to stolen information, loss of a file, and other issues. If you lose a file that you need, you stall work on that case until you find the file. Document storage is only as good as those who manage the file room. Off-site document storage sites index and barcode your files so you can always find them. We use advanced software to allow you to look at your inventory online. Additionally, you can request file pickup, delivery and retrieval, inventory reporting and the final disposition of the documents.

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Protecting Your Identity Through Hard Drive Destruction

Posted by John Barwick on Jan 29 2020

With an average life of just three years, computers and laptops are discarded every day by individuals and businesses who have replaced them with the newest machines on the market. Unfortunately, these discarded computers hold a treasure trove of information – often everything a thief needs to do extensive damage to your organization, its customers, or your personal finances. By rummaging through your waste or purchasing a used computer at a thrift store or rummage sale, those with just a little knowledge in the technology realm can access all of the private information that was originally stored on your machine.

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Declutter Your New Year with River Mill's Document Storage Solutions

Posted by John Barwick on Jan 15 2020

The new year is a notorious time to stop and regroup your life. While you can set goals at any point in your life, it's always nice to have that clean slate as the calendar rolls over. No matter what your personal resolutions are though, they're going to be harder to reach if your life is still full of clutter. One great way to get started is to clear out all those old files. Because you likely don't have a lot of emotional attachment to your 15-year-old tax returns, it's an easy way to open up room for the things that do matter. See how River Mill's Document Storage Solution can help if you want to give your home or business a little more room to work with. 

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The Importance of Document Destruction and Schedule Retention

Posted by John Barwick on Dec 27 2019

In today’s climate of identity theft, it’s important to dispose of sensitive documents the right way. There are many options for document destruction but having a solution that allows you to monitor what’s going on can save time and money. Partnering with a mobile shredding services company can provide peace of mind and assist your risk management team in ensuring the process is smooth and confidentiality is protected.

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Declutter Your Home or Office with Mobile Shredding Services

Posted by John Barwick on Dec 20 2019

Do you have a home office where you need to get rid of sensitive documents that keep piling up? What about the amount of mail and personal information that keeps collecting that you need to get rid of? While you often hear about shredding services available for commercial businesses, there are mobile shredding services residential owners can use to ensure their documents remain confidential. This adds a higher level of security while increasing the convenience, productivity and efficiency of the owner. Being able to acquire onsite shredding services saves time and money.

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Benefits of Using Local Document Destruction Services

Posted by John Barwick on Dec 06 2019

There are a number of benefits when using local document destruction services. As a commercial or home-based operation, creating a secure environment where documents can be shredded without worry can be problematic, especially if the documents are being transported to another location. With home shredding services available, it is easy to monitor the shredding process to ensure everything is above board and has no loose ends. When searching for these types of services, utilizing keywords like shredding services near me, and document destruction near me will pull up business specializing in document shredding that are close to your facility. For those who must transport their documents to be shredded, having a local company do the work where a relationship can be built is better than mailing documents and not really knowing whether they have been properly destroyed.

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Benefits of Mobile Shredding for Businesses

Posted by John Barwick on Nov 29 2019

With identity fraud and sensitive data consistently being compromised, businesses must be proactive in protecting their data. With so much paper to secure, commercial shredding services can get costly. The value and convenience of office shredding services helps circumvent the collection of sensitive documents that can be compromised. Mobile shredding services help alleviate the need for transporting documents to another location while handling on-site document destruction. Having an option where businesses can monitor the destruction of their documents makes things easier while retaining confidentiality and security protocols. These types of business shredding services help protect the integrity of the company while providing a valuable service. It’s an affordable solution to an everyday problem.

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Is Your Business Secure?

Posted by John Barwick on Nov 15 2019

If you have documents and other sensitive data that needs protected, it’s important to know how to secure information in an organization. With identity theft and data breaches on the rise, securing customer data should be one of the first priorities of the management team. Having a standing schedule on how and when sensitive data will be destroyed is key. A shredding schedule improves employee productivity, reinforces accountability, ensures the company is in compliance with regulatory agencies and statutes, aids in fraud prevention, and helps with ongoing cost savings.

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Benefits of Mobile Shredding

Posted by John Barwick on Oct 29 2019

Shredding documents you don't need anymore is important. It can reduce clutter, and lower your risk of identity theft, too. But what if you don't have a shredder? Well, you're in luck! There are mobile shredding companies that can help you with that problem. A truck can come to your home and take care of any documents you need to get rid of. Mobile shredding is easy, convenient, and can help you get things done without ever leaving your house. Just take a look at all the benefits you'll receive, to decide if mobile shredding is the right choice for you.

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